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Adonis Golden Ratio Review

Adonis Golden Ratio brings to you right proportion study and study proves women are usually genetically and transformative wired to get and stay drawn to males since it displays the best amount of genetic physical fitness

This program works on the assumption that individuals would require slimming down as well as making their trim toned body that already has been inherent in the DNA.

This program can be called as a result of ten years of studying and testing by John Barban who is a fitness expert holding degree from University of Florida and he has turned bad genetics of his own by transforming his body as well as bodies of approximately 1000 people in same shoes from pear shaped to Adonis, athletic body that had pretty low lean muscles and body fat.

John is friend to one of the most renowned fitness experts of the world Kyle Leon.


To begin with, approach of Barban is much psychological. He understood that individuals are having just few seconds for making first important impression like male to female, female to female, and male to male situations.

Visual impression exuded by your persona is perceived instantly and thereafter held irrespective of what the matter is.

Then he notices great conventional examples of athleticism, strength, and physical beauty from Latin art and ancient Greek as well as from Adonis. He concluded that one most vital fact in women and men’s instant judgement of a man physique is ratio between waist and shoulders.

Adonis Golden Ratio will be ideal proportion between measurements of waist circumference by shoulder circumference. The ratio that is optimal implies lean muscle mass and low body fat, which means less blubber in waist and more muscle in shoulders.

This program has been designed so as to make you get waist and shoulder measurement as the starting point towards calculating workouts of yours, caloric intake, and diet regime, together with age, height, and weight thrown into this mix.


The initial ratio between shoulders to waist is called Adonis Index by Barban prior to it being called Adonis Golden Ratio which will be only after one reaches their targeted ideal measurement determined by lean muscle composition and low body fat.

As per John, all individuals with any sort of body shape get marked improvement of their waist to shoulder ratio right from skinny to puffy guys with pot belly, to muscular guys having excessive abs fat for getting rid of. The fact is that this has been testified by several testimonials with post and prior pictures.

The requirements for basic fitness in Adonis Golden Ratio is generally lean muscle, low fat, workout mantras, and proper diet.

The starting point as already discussed in this program is the measurement of shoulder and waist. It tells about how one can accurately measure these 2 important parts of the body. Then one has to decide whether they wish to lose fat only, building muscles, or losing fat in addition to building muscles.

This program also includes nutrition software that guides what all individuals should consume, how much, and at what time of the day.