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Magnetic Messaging Released By Bobby Rio And Rob Judge

Magnetic Messaging is the latest texting guide that is released by Rob Judge and Bobby Rio. In this program, guys will learn what they require doing once they receive a girl’s numbers so as to continue building her attraction towards them and hence it is guaranteed that the girl would become eager at meeting him for date or simply meet up.

Right from the day of its release, this program has sold thousands of copies because all guys are falling for this excellent guide. Both Bobby and Rob hold several years of expertise in not just texting girls but in coaching their private customers as well as in testing and analysing almost all kinds of varying texting strategies.

This Magnetic Messaging guide comes with abundance of information regarding texting girls as well as breakdown of what sort of texts one must send at every step in their way.

Right from 1st text that guys send to girls to all the way through will be included in this guide. Complete breakdown of all things that one learns are there in this program.


The reason why Magnetic Messaging has gained so much of popularity is that texting a girl isn’t a tough job. There are several tools available and guys just require choosing the best one for them.

This guide comes with money back guarantee so you can be assured that your money will be refunded if this guide doesn’t works for you. There are 3 primary phases namely sparking emotions, making connections, and handling logistics.

This book will define every ingredient with lots of templates and examples as well as explain how much and when each one should be used. It explains about begging, reciting soliloquies, offering explanations, asking questions, acting polite, and providing entertainment.

With Magnetic Messaging, individuals will learn three simple steps of texting process that is required for initial attraction, second step teaches bonding, and third is for connecting to woman.