Pregnancy Miracle By Lisa Olson – Does It Really Work

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Pregnancy Miracle Review By Lisa Olson

Pregnancy Miracle is a pregnancy guide by Lisa Olson. This book comprises of 240 pages that teach readers about female and male anatomy as well as reasons why several couples worldwide are finding it tough conceiving nowadays. It also provides few traditional methods that will assist couples along the way.

Pregnancy Miracle guide has been designed for taking individuals on a lifetime journey that will go beyond learning what all doctors already are aware of in addition to assisting individuals in finding a path towards parenthood.

The story of every couple will be different but still all will have one wish and that is of a child. There are several couples who are not able to conceive and if you couples are amongst them, then this book is surely for you.


Pregnancy Miracle Book will show you how to become free from infertility of your own. It explains human anatomy as well as the role that it plays in issues like infertility.

In the first chapter, Pregnancy Miracle’s writer Olson would be going through basics related to female and male anatomy that includes reviewing of hormonal system and reproductive system in male, menstrual cycle in females, individual genes, and how all this will affect in fertility of couples.

Moreover, it also teaches about sex and how it should work when one is thinking of conceiving a child.

In the second chapter you will see eastern views of fertility in addition to myths related to western medicines.

There are several modern medicines that are having a great role to play in assisting a fertile couple conceive but most of them actually don’t work.

The second chapter is about modern world views especially on fertility and it would also discuss few misconceptions that are there regarding couples conception options and fertility. The next chapter would be on getting pregnant as well as giving birth to a health baby.


One of the key chapters in this book by Olson offers 5 vital steps for achieving this goal naturally. This includes strengthening reproductive system by maintaining proper balance of energies via conventional Chinese medicines, bringing about necessary changes in exercise and diet for conceiving, liver detoxification and internal cleansing, learning 3 secret steps for conceiving healthy foetus, cleansing energy using acupressure and acupuncture for conception.

In the 4th chapter, discussions will be related to advanced age, tubal ligation, infertility, cancer, ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, mechanical infertility, secondary infertility, and unexplained fertility.

In the 5th chapter, Olson has explained how couples as well as individuals can overcome emotional stress undergoing some testing, finding your own way of overcoming infertility issues, and diagnosis.

This book is available at a highly reasonable rate and hence can be afforded by everyone.